Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mystery Mission #1 Reveal // The 2016 Bookish Bingo Challenge

2016’s Bookish Bingo Challenge comes with a little bit of a twist. This year five boxes on the bingo card are marked with a mysterious question mark. As a result of not knowing what lies beneath them, they prevent you from attaining your precious BINGOs. Every second month a new mystery mission will be unveiled here on the blog so you may work towards completing your card. These mystery missions aren’t in any way superior to the other tasks in the challenge.

This is the first of the five mystery missions to be unveiled! I’m excited for you all to see it, because it’s a little bit of an subjective one. Though I had originally intended to choose the missions myself, I decided that you guys should be able to leave suggestions, so these mystery missions have been created by the members of the 2016 Bookish Bingo Challenge group on GoodReads.

This first mystery mission was created by Ashley. Thanks, Ashley!!

Are you ready?

Here it comes.

Are you sure you’re ready?


I thought this was an excellent task because it allows you to choose whatever best suits you! It is subjective as we all have our own dream careers, and it lets you read something that inspires and stimulates you. All dreams are valid so ANY career you can think of counts, as far fetched as it is. If you dream of being an astronaut, assassin, flower picker, con artist, pie juggler, flame thrower, or tv watcher, and there is a book out there featuring it, it qualifies! The career doesn’t have to be focus of the novel, it just has to be featured within it.

I hope you all have a book in mind for this task, and I’d love to hear about your dream careers in the comments! Also, if you have an idea for one of the next four mystery missions, please feel free to join the GoodReads group here, and leave it on the appropriate spread!

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